Sunday, January 10, 2010

Things I'd Rather Do...

There are many things I could/should blog about tonight, even some pictures I could share. Instead I'd like to share my list of things I'd rather do than wait for feedback from a literary agent. I love writing, I want to get published, but this process is PAINFULLY slow! So here's my list:

1. Read bad teen romance fiction.
2. Get a root canal.
3. Go through natural childbirth.
4. Listen to nails scratching a chalkboard.
5. Watch 80s soaps on TV.
6. Read bad teen romance fiction when I'm having a root canal done that happens to take place while I'm in natural labor in a hospital that plays 80s soaps on the TVs all day with a nurse who won't stop scratching the chalkboard with her long acrylic nails.
7. Write and edit 10 more novels.

I'd say all of these are easier than this horrible waiting process.

The good news? The Big Agent, the one I really want, liked my first chapter and wants to see 50 pages...

Oh, I hope I don't mess this up!

Let the torture commence...


Dottie! said...

Go Libby-Ah! Go!

Kelly said...

LOL! Write more. Have fun. Forget the rest, and it will happen.

Best of luck and wishes and prayers. :)

joeythesquash said...

Congratulations, Olivia! The first chapter hurdle is a big one. Good luck with Meg Dare.

Olivia said...

Thank all...I sent the 50 pages a few minutes ago...blah.