Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Query This!

I've got a Query for you:

What's large, rectangular, cost about a dollar fifty, and contains about 25 pages of my sweat and tears?

It's a query with partial included! I'm looking at three of them, ready for the mail.

How many have I sent out? Let me count...

80!!!! I've slowed down a lot since I had to start paying for snail mail, but yeah, 80!

Favorite Rejection so far? My own letter, mailed back to me with NO! underlined twice written across the top. Yep, thanks. Some are better. Most are printed form letters. Once the rejection came on a small sliver of paper so tiny at first I thought the envelope was empty.

I hate the time I have to spend trying to sell my self. Those three queries waiting to be mailed took me over an hour to do. To find and read the info in Writer's Market, double-check on-line, and put the thing together and record it in my log. I hate doing queries. Love the writing, enjoy the editing, hate the queries.

Supposedly the first book is the hardest to get published. I hope that's true.


I am again in the stage of writing I call Obsession, at the point when all I can think about is writing. The story, the characters, have become almost real. All I talk about is the book, I'm aching for feedback. My kids are blissfully ignorant, I think, but poor hubby has noticed how quick I am to snap at him these days. The house is a sty. The dog is lonely. I need to either join a writer's group, or Writer's Anonymous, or maybe even check into writer's rehab...but not until I finish the book. I think a few people have stopped speaking to me because of the book, one friend now only texts me. Today I am babysitting a friend's kids and the little boy I usually babysit, and I know I'm not going to get to write...and it's driving me nuts!

Do have anything that you obsess over, that takes over your life?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

High Lights

Major Things:

Fai and I celebrated our five year anniversary. :)
Fai's Birthday-one of his co-workers babysat for us and we went and saw Harry Potter.

Baby Things:

Nadira is on the verge of crawling, she is so, so, so close! Today she also started trying to pull up.

Toddler Things:

Miss Anjali took swim lessons, very big hit. She is such a water bug! I wish I could get her in the water more often...

And, Finally,

Writing Things:

For our anniversary, Fai got me a desk top for my writing desk in the living room. I've been working on the laptop, but it's on the verge of death. I'm really liking my new work space, it's working out well so far. There are about seven chapters left of my book, maybe a few more. I think having an area to work on it downstairs will help me get it done.

And that's about it here. Things have just been very busy this summer.